Soil and groundwater remediation

“Doranova is Finland’s oldest operator in soil and groundwater in situ remediation.”


DoAct® CORE is a patented, modular and remotely controllable soil and groundwater remediation unit that enables cost-efficient remediation of vast contaminated areas. Biological, chemical and physical in situ techniques can all be conducted by using DoAct® CORE.

DoAct® Direct

DoAct® Direct is a direct push injection equipment that uniquely combines drilling and injection even in rocky areas. With the DIRECT technique, the environmental risks can be eliminated at best with one injection without any disturbances to daily operations.


DoAct® PILE solution provides a cost-effective alternative for windrow composting of contaminated soils in soil landfills, circular economy parks, and waste management operators. The heart of the biopile-treatment is the DoAct® CORE equipment which enables savings in both time and money while being remotely controlled.

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