“We aim to be in the frontline in developing sustainable remediation methods”

In situ Preparatory Studies

The members of our R&D team are experts of biotechnology and chemistry. We provide a wide variety of preparatory studies in addition to process and product development services for Doranova’s own remediation projects as well as external operators. Our services include, among others, in situ (ISCO and ARD) chemical dose-response determinations and optimization studies for different remediation techniques. Our aim is to optimize the most cost-effective and sustainable remediation technique to manage environmental risks.

Testing and R&D services

We continuously test and develop new remediation techniques and equipment. In addition to our own projects, we continuously work together with our clients to facilitate product development. Do not hesitate to contact us and together we will customize the most suitable solutions for you for contaminated soil or groundwater remediation.

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Mikko Myllymäki

R&D Manager

+358 44 753 0124