Landfill gas solutions

”Doranova has delivered equipment and services for landfills since 2001.”

Measurement and analysis services

Doranova conducts landfill emission measurements, action statements for gas collection systems and analysis services in Finland and its export destinations via majority-owned Detes Nordic Oy. Doranova’s services also include comprehensive system maintenance and services. Doranova’s strength lies in the experience gained through all the export destinations and measurements and analyses performed in them. Additionally, the valuable experiences gained from over a thousand landfill gas measurements in the German cooperating company, Detes GmbH, can be utilized in the most challenging cases.

Equipment and engine deliveries

Doranova has delivered gas collection and recovery systems for landfills in Finland but also in Estonia, Vietnam and Zambia. The power output capacity of the modular plants has varied between 30 – 1 600 kW. In addition to turnkey plants, Doranova sells gas pumping stations and power-unit systems as direct deliveries. Doranova has its own trained staff for engine maintenance.

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